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IPhoto by Ragne Sigmond

Stunt Education & Training


2014        Aerial stunt work, Bregenz - Austria

Tactical rappelling and abseiling using various rigs and ropes. Instructed and supervised by Christian Gneissl and Bernhard Häfner from Germany and Jacob Sebastian Malm from Denmark

2018        Snowmobile/ski-doo training, Ivalo - Finland

General knowledge of snowmobil,e/ski-doo driving,, inkluding high-speed and flipping using a ramp. Intructor Ilkka Mukkala from Helsinki.

2013        Stunt rigging and Flygrossing/Grosshopper, Copenhagen – Denmark

Rigging and aerial stunt combat system, instructed by stunt coordinator Jacob Sebastian Malm of Copenhagen. Flygrossing instructed by aerial specialists Peeter Gross from Estonia and action-choreographer Ran Arthur Brown from Italy.

2013        Filipino Style Martial Arts, Oslo - Norway 

A two-day basic technique training of Arnis, Escrima and Kali, using sticks and various types of knifes. Instructed by Guro, R. Robinson Wilson from British Colombia, Canada. 

Stunt skills


High falls, stair falls, break falls, screen-fighting, armed and unarmed combat, fire-work (full body), precision driving (flying 90´s, 180´s, reversed 180´s) horseback riding (jumping), air-ram, climbing and rappelling, tactical rappelling, abseiling,, ratchet and some wire-work and grosshopping

Other skills/sports

Kick-boxing, boxing, alpine skiing, all-round dancer. 

2012        Flygrossing/Grosshopper, Copenhagen - Denmark 

Aerial Stunt Combat System, instructed by aerial specialists Tiina Gross and Peeter Gross from Estonia, under the direction of action-choreographer Ran Arthur Braun from Italy.

2011         Broadsword, Oslo - Norway  

NSFS level 1 certification - instructed by Kristoffer Jørgensen and certified by Fight Director Anders Kippersund of Norway.

2010        Variation in fight choreography, Oslo - Norway

 Instructed by stunt coordinators Joe Perez from the USA and Kristoffer Jørgensen from  Norway.

2008       Wire / stunt workshop, Tromsø - Norway

Instructed by world-class stunt coordinators Eric Chen and Joe Perez of Los Angeles, USA.



Stick-shift and automatic

Europe: Class B

USA: Class C



Norwegian (mother tongue)

English (fluent)

Danish & Swedish (fluent)

Spanish (Intermediate)

French (Novice)

2004/05  Noroff Institute, Oslo - Norway

Film and television production. Directing, producing, editing, scriptwriting, photography and   lighting.

2010 - present

2010 - present

2003       Professional Stunt Training Center, Los Angeles - USA

Focusing on 6 various stunt disciplines; high falls, fire burns, precision driving, aussie-style   rappelling, air-ram and screen- fighting. Trained by stunt coordinators Tony Snegoff and Gary Baxley.

2003       Nordic Stage Fighting Society, Hamar - Norway

Art and performance of Stage Combat. Fencing and use of knives from different centuries (unarmed, broadsword, rapier, quarterstaff), with Fight Directors Anders Kippersund, Jonathan Howell and stunt coordinator Klaus Hjuler.

2002/03  Oslo Fitness Club, Oslo - Norway

Kickboxing instructor for yellow belts

2002       Norwegian Defence HQ, Oslo - Norway

Weapon training (pistol/glock, revolver and MP5). The importance of safety, take apart and put together the above weapons, cleaning and positioning. Supervised by Lieutenant Jøran Gamman of His Royal Majesty National Guards.

2001       Oslo Fitness Club, Oslo - Norway

General boxing instructed by WBA Champion, Thomas Hansvoll. Kickboxing instructed by Wolfgang Wedde og Pål Nygård.

2001        United Stuntmen Association, Seattle - USA

Utility stunt training in 15 various disciplines; Martial art fighting, western-style fighting (armed and unarmed combat) breakfalls and rolls with and without objects, fire burns, ratchet, air-ram, high falls, stair falls, horse-back riding, rappelling, precision driving, sfx/squids and acting the action. Trained by Fight Master David L. Boushey, stunt coordinators Gary Schuler, Dale Girard, Steve Buckly, Eric Johnson,  Jason Kehler, Daniel F. Beavies and Special F/X Tim Drnec and Ron Keller.

2001        La Cité,  Montréal - Canada

General kickboxing training

1996        Drama / Acting class, Kristiansand - Norway

Scene study, improvisation, character analysis and breathing techniques with Yngvil Molaug.

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